Photo canvas

What is photo canvas? The artwork is printed on canvas fabric and then stretched onto a wooden frame. The picture covers the edges of the frame, thus creating a spatial effect.
Kvaliteetne fotode printimine

Terje Talts

Canvas is often considered a cheaper material among photographers, where the sharpness of the image suffers, and the artwork lacks sufficient detail, leading viewers to not experience depth perception as they would with a high-quality print on photo paper.

However, canvas still holds a definite place in photographic art. There are very high-quality 100% cotton canvas materials available - such as Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 320 gsm, Fomei Collection Canvas Satin 350 gsm II, or Canson Infinity Museum Pro Canvas 385 gsm - specifically designed for high-resolution image printing, resulting in excellent quality. Canvas prints can also be framed in very interesting frames, making the entire solution aesthetically complete.

The minimum size for a photo canvas is A4, and the maximum size is 3 meters along the longer side.

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