How to ensure the longevity of printed pictures?

All papers are sensitive to UV radiation, humidity, and temperature, but with a few simple tricks, it is possible to ensure the longevity of printed works for decades. Large and small prints stored in the right conditions retain their quality for at least 80 years.

Piltide säilitamine

Maria Müür

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Avoid strong temperature fluctuations

  • Avoid dirt

  • Avoid excess humidity

  • Avoid extreme temperatures


Avoid direct sunlight - direct UV radiation fades pictures faster than is often thought. This should be considered both when choosing the location for the picture and when framing - avoid hanging the picture in direct sunlight and, if possible, choose ArtGlass GroGlass museum glass with 70% UV protection to protect the artwork.


Excessive humidity can cause significant damage because it accelerates the deterioration of paper fibers and provides a breeding ground for mold and parasites. Strong fluctuations in humidity cause the paper to 'curl'.

Exterior walls of buildings are often more humid than interior walls.


Avoid touching the paper with dirty hands, especially for valuable works; if possible, use clean gloves. Compressed air can help remove dust that has settled on the artwork.