Framing of art and photos

A custom-made frame is like a tailored suit, bringing out the wearer's best qualities and protecting them from external conditions timelessly.
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Catherine Zarip

Carefully selected materials

We only use high-quality wooden and aluminum frame mouldings.

Hand-cut frames

We cut all frames according to the picture. This guarantees a perfect fit regardless of the artwork's dimensions.


We only use acid-free materials, ensuring the preservation of the pictures for decades without any changes.

What does a picture frame consist of?

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Creating a quality frame starts with choosing the frame itself. And there are plenty of options!

Wooden? Aluminum? Classically understated or extravagant? How wide? What color?

In our available range of mouldings, there are over 300 different variations to choose from, ensuring that every customer can find a frame that suits their own style and the character of their picture.

On-site, we always have classic black minimalist frame mouldings available in both wood and aluminum.

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High-quality glass is one of the less visible but essential details of a picture frame.

Options include classic clear and matte glass, as well as special ArtGlass museum glass in various variations.

Traditional clear glass is the most economical and classic option through which to enjoy the picture. It is suitable for use in places where there is no direct light shining onto the picture.

Matte glass has the advantage of fewer reflections compared to clear glass.

ArtGlass is gallery glass that protects artworks from UV radiation and is almost invisible thanks to its anti-reflective coating.

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In order for the picture to fit snugly in the frame, it must be mounted on a base material.

The most classical options are mat board, mat pocket, foam core, or composite panel.

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To ensure the decades-long preservation of the pictures, we use only acid-free materials and tools.

This is necessary to prevent color and tone changes in the pictures over the years.

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Mounted art is created for display and requires hanging solutions.

We will help you find the best solution based on the future home of the pictures.

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We cut both aluminum and wooden frames individually for each picture size. This guarantees that the frame fits the picture perfectly!

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